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Studentsamskipnaden for Sunnmøre (SfS) 

Administration / Reception
Opening hours – Monday to Friday 09.00 to 15.00

Contact us in Volda :


Telephone: +47 70 07 52 40 

What is SfS?
SfS is a service and welfare organisation for students  at Volda University college, and has office in Volda.

The university college has the strategic responsibility for the student welfare programme, while SfS has the operative responsibility. By working to provide the best possible social, cultural and material conditions for the students, we aim to contribute to a secure and effective study situation.

Some facts about the Studentsamskipnaden for Sunnmøre (SfS):

  • about 4000 students pay a membership fee to SfS  each semester

  • providing accommodation for the students is one of SfS main tasks

  • SfS has agreements that provide access to local mental health services for students in Volda

  • SfS offers an advice service for students

  • SfS operates kindergartens for students` children in Volda. Contact us for more information.  

  • SfS operates the cafeterias at both the university colleges

  • SfS runs the student union buildings Rokken in Volda

  • SfS health funds (these welfare programmes refund the students` expenses or investments in connection with various health services)

  • SfS has boats for hire in Volda

  • SfS provides welfare grants to clubs and organisations that promote the students` social environment

  • SfS can arrange access to washing machines and spin-dryers

  • SfS helps the students find private rented accommodation at the start of the semester

  • SfS is joint owner of a local fitness centre

Student Advice Service

During your time as a student you can find yourself in situations that can be difficult to sort out on your own. You can come to the Student Adviser with any sort of question and problem, such as e.g.

  • Help to sort out a difficult situation
  • Problems getting to know the college or the local community
  • Grief, anxiety or depression
  • Relationships with family, friends or fellow students

The student advice service is free of charge and the Adviser is sworn to secrecy.

The Adviser will also assist you in finding out where to go to get help from the other parts of the local welfare services.

Office hours : Monday until Thursday 9 AM to 3 PM

SfS has a number of support programmes:

Health expenses fund
Offers refunds of expenses incurred by students when consulting a doctor or psychiatrist.

Health investment fund
Offers support in connection with expenses as a result of illness, dental treatment, purchase og glasses , physiotherapy, home help, transport, technical equipment etc. Grants made twice a year, maximum NOK 10.000,- per student per semester (minus own contribution of NOK 1.000,-)

Welfare grants
SfS provides welfare grants to student clubs and organisations that work to improve the students` social environment. Paid out twice a year on the basis of applications.

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Studentsamskipnaden for Sunnmøre - Elvegata 24 - Postboks 278 - 6101 Volda       E-post: - Tlf.: 70 07 52 40